Board Members

Home Board Members

Fred Leyda

COSY Trust Director
 Judy Almand

COSY Board

Gene Cato: Community Representative

Tricia Gravel: Governor’s Office Guardian Ad Litem

Jkeonye Moss: Intensive Foster Care & Clinical Services, Region III

Kimberly Perkins: Governor’s Office Continuum of Care

Andrea Allen: Coastal Empire Community Mental Health Center

Bud Boyne: Beaufort County Alcohol & Drug Abuse Department

Monica Spells: Beaufort County Community Services

Greggory Gilbert: SC Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation

Lois Richter: Interim Director – Beaufort County Department of Social Services

Lakinsha Swinton: Beaufort County School District

Mitzi Wagner: Beaufort County Disabilities & Special Needs Department


COSY Trust Board Members

Robert Merten – President

Celeste Hunt – Vice President

Sally Bishop

Jan O’Rourke

Craig Helart

Linda Aspden